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Steps for Applying for CHURCH MEMBERSHIP  in the BFA

  • Obtain and read the Constitution and Doctrinal Statement of the Association to be sure your Church is in agreement with these documents.

  • Complete the FBFA application. 

  • Send the completed application and a copy of your Church Constitution and Doctrinal Statement to the Vice-President of Administration of the Association, who shall forward the same to the Chairman of the Membership Committee.

  • The Chairman of the Membership Committee shall arrange for an interview between the Membership Committee, your Pastor and other church representatives (if so desired) to discuss matters of doctrine, policy and practice.

  • At the successful conclusion of the interview, the Membership Committee shall make its recommendation to the Steering Council. The Steering Council will then make its recommendation to the voting delegates from Member Churches for acceptance of the application. Voting on acceptance (or rejection) of prospective member churches will usually take place at Annual Conference Meetings.

  • The Chairman of the Membership Committee shall notify your Pastor of acceptance (or rejection) of your application for membership.

  • New Member Churches shall be presented to the Association at an Annual Conference Meeting.

  • Send a check for the membership fee along with the application to the Home Office at 1916 Central Ave, Kansas City, KS 66102.

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