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Application Process Obtaining Application: In order to protect the applicant from misinformation, he/she should request an application package through the Scholarship Committee to ensure that he/she gets all current and pertinent information regarding guidelines, policies, procedures, etc. The request may be made by calling or writing to: BFA Home Office, BFA 1916 Central Ave Kansas City, KS 66102. All completed applications and supporting documentation should be sent to this address.


Deadlines: Completed applications must be mailed to the FBFA Scholarship Committee no later than May 1st of the year in which the applicant intends to apply the funds if a scholarship is awarded to her/him. (Postmark will verify mailing date.)  Applications postmarked after May 31st will not be considered for awards granted during the current year.  There will be no exceptions. Please click on both links below in order to complete the application process.

Click here to download the complete application package.


Guidelines (for complete guidelines, click here)


Congratulations to our fall 2021 Banks Scolarship recipients Michaela Dyson and Monique Ferguson. Monique is going to Cedarville and Michaela is going to Huntington University!

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