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At a crucial time in America when there was an outcry for equality of life and the pursuit of happiness for all men, God was “raising up” black men of fundamental Bible persuasions. As these men sought identification and fellowship with individuals and churches within existing fundamental, Bible-believing organizations, they were not well received nor readily accepted.


These godly black men continued to grow to maturity as Christians and were determined to establish a solid front for unity and fellowship among the growing number of black fundamental evangelicals.


They were not to be unduly discouraged by initial setbacks, and after much prayer and consultation, the Fundamental Baptist Fellowship Association (F.B.F.A.) was founded August 22, 1962. The following men (inclusive of blacks and whites) met at the Mt. Moriah Baptist Church of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and executed plans that brought the F.B.F.A. into being: Rev. Walter Banks, Rev. Kenneth Bowen, Mr. Artis Fletcher, Mr. Robert Froelick, Mr. Earl Herrington, Mr. James Howard, Rev. Lloyd Lindo, Rev. Richard Mattox, Rev. John Perkins, Rev. A. Ragland, Rev. Robert Ranney, Rev. C. Snell, Mr. C. Thronhill, Rev. John Williams, Rev. Earnest Wilson, Mr. C. Wyatt.


The Association maintained a post office mailing address in Cleveland, Ohio for many years without a physical “home office.” However, on July 11, 1986 the Executive Committee and annual conference delegates granted approval for a “temporary office” to be located in the facilities of the Southern Heights Baptist Church in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

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